New Age Tropical Garden

Tropical Modern Art from Jamaica, paintings and modern art prints by Richard Von White.

                            Flowers  and   Trees


The Art is the garden itself, where the paintings become the flowers and plants. The source remains that age old dictionary form; the female figure.

The expression "Le jardin nouveau" comes to mind. It is the artist who becomes the human creator of a garden based on human biological construction, finding in essence a spiritual oness of beauty and truth within man and nature. Like the natural decoration of the earth by flowers, the artist is, through his work the natural decoration of the world of man. So the garden and man become one - "Le jardin parfume' ".

To live in an environment, overpowered by these forms can only enhance the experience suggested above. Perhaps paintings 6ft x 5ft, the size of man himself, all around him. "New age garden of Art".

Typically I paint on canvas stretchers which can vary in size from 2ft x 2ft to wall size murals as large as 12ft x 6ft. The pages of this site aim to give the viewer a snapshop of my art. Please enjoy the paintings. Prints are available for purchase.