Paintings of Space, and photographs of early Oracabessa. History, space, and time. Modern Art from Jamaica, paintings and modern art prints by Richard Von White. The images associated are under copyright.

Oracabessa St. Mary Jamaica         Space


Still life, bird life and marine life

Tropical Modern Art inspired by the night sky

The night sky in Jamaica is always bright. With little ambient light one can clearly see the milky way belt as it straddles the back drop of starlight spectacle. So many billions of stars out there, and no doubt millions of planets. Here on our Earth we often ponder whether or not there is life on other planets. As I the artist look to the starlit sky I can only imagine what wonders abide.

Then I have to include Time, and history here. Space and Time are together, so I include some historical images of Oracabessa. Then in time, in the moment we are in we can observe our sussoundings, so here I observed my still life tropical modern art pottery, and fruits and vases.  

Typically I paint on canvas stretchers which can vary in size from 2ft x 2ft to wall size murals as larger than 12ft x 9ft. The pages of this site aim to give the viewer a snapshop of my art. Please enjoy the paintings. Prints are available for purchase in the online shop, or get in touch for comissions.