Welcome to ArtVonTropic, tropical modern art from Jamaica the tropical art paradise island. For your viewing are a collection of beautiful tropical art paintings, drawings and art prints by Richard "Von" White, one of Jamaica's contemporary modern abstract artists. Tropical modern art in beautiful abstract settings and colours.



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Modern Art - Von's Story in Video 


"Original tings" Jamaica Golden Eye Postcard. 2009      "Back in the Day" Oracabessa, St Mary.


"Rock 'n' Roll Cars Places 'n' Visions" 2011.            Interview with Brian Mack, 2010.


Interviewing Von at Galina Light House,

Galina Jamaica. Modern Art Tropical, 2009.


Interview at Cat works Gallery Michigan part 1.         Interview at Cat Works Gallery part 2, 2012.

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Excerpts from Journal Reviews:

The Daily Gleaner

"Von emerges a kind of Walter Mitty, dreaming of fantastic triumphs in totally impossible circumstances. We see him, for instance, as an intrepid matador, heralded by a trumpeter, about to fight a bull in a setting which Is distinctly Jamaican, or on a flying carpet, heading for Baghdad, in company of a ravishing eastern beauty, or else as an indomitable explorer In Mexico, communing with Aztec culture."

The Weekend Observer - modern art from Jamaica "experience the accessible fluid offerings of Von's pastels on canvas, in effect, highly stylsed modern art work."

Sunday Herald -  ART Jamaica modern artist

"The colours of the painter, Richard 'Von' White are intriguing. Like Scraps of silks the paintings absorb the essential colours of sky, sun and sea. The canvas surface exude the freedom of leisure time in the tropics."

Tour Jamaica - tour guide book

"One of Oracabessa's most interesting residents is artist Richard 'Von' White, grandson of W.E. White a self-made baker, planter and Oracabessa's leading citizen in the early 1900s. Von's brilliantly hued, evocative canvansses reflect the tropical flora that is the source of his inspiration." Oracabessa, St Mary Jamaica.


About ArtVonTropic - Modern Art from Von in the Tropics:

This website aims to give visitors an brief overview of what my art is about and give the viewer a small insight into what Von the artist is about. It is my view that fine art should not be depressing, it should awaken your senses and make you feel happy, it should always be a pleasure to look at. Artvontropic is my virtual "SeaScape", it is my gallery in cyberspace. My focus is tropical art, with modern expression.  

I do all the creating while listening to rock and roll, jazz, reggae, blues. At this website one can listen to a small sample of my favourite music, while you check out some of the paintings and drawings in the gallery pages. To preseve the copyrights of the musical masters in my jukebox, only a 40sec clip is available here, but see the links below for more music on other sites. 

I hope you find a print you like enough to make a purchase. Hey, if you want an original Von painting contact us! The website is updated regularly, and we check our emails daily. Thanks for visiting the site.




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Last Fm: Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation, Neil Young - Cortez the Killer, Jimi Hendrix - Once I had a Woman, Jimi Hendrix - In from the Storm, Johnny Winter - It's My Own Fault, Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing, The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash, Rolling Stones - Don't Stop, Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Eric Clapton - Sunshine of Your Love, The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows, The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down, Canned Heat - Sugar Bee, Kieth Richards - Runnin too deep, Bob Marley - Rainbow Country, John Lee Hooker - I don't want to go to Vietnam, The Doors - Riders of the Storm, Melanie - Beautiful People, The Band - Long Distance Operator, Van Morrison - Mystic Eyes, Richie Havens - Handsome Johnny, Toe the Line - Farin X Change, The News - Mick Jones with CarbonSilicon, King Solomon's Mines - Native, The Letter - Brian Mack and the Shifters.


ArtVontropic contains copyrighted images, all fine art owned and produced by Von and vontropicmod team.